SIS Compact Station secured computer enclosures

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The SIS Compact Station offers a simple but versatile solution to desktop PC security.



The SIS Compact Station project began in Mozambique in 2011. Jembi Health Systems and MOASIS (both nonprofit organizations) together with the Mozambican Ministry of Health and supported by the Center of Disease Control of Atlanta and the WHO formulated a set of criteria for a computer work station. Read more...




The SIS Compact Station was the result of years of field knowledge in environments where information technology services are required for specific tasks. These tasks are typically fixed menu driven application with limited access to the operating system. The design offers multiple choices in hardware configurations while the metal enclosure enables the service provider to control the access to the computer hardware and peripherals that might be connected.



The SIS CS is supplied with the lastest ultra small factor PC technology. With reliability being the key factor the PC The design supports a standard VESA mountable small form factor PC. with the choice of the processing power of an Intel core i3 to i7.  When opened, the enclosure is designed to expose all computer hardware and peripherals attached making it simple to maintain..



The secure enclosure typically have a 3G/4G modem installed enabling access to mobile networks.


Jembi Heath Systems in Mozambique have over 100 SIS Compact Stations in daily use countrywide. Some have been in operation since 2012. Recently Jembi completed a survey on the SIS-CSs deployed. These are some of the findings:

  • The embedded and dedicated software (only for official/allowed MoH system use) allowed them to focus on the intended application without being distracted
  • connectivity through mobile phone networks was convenient and made remote system/application maintenance simple.
  • Surprisingly low data bundle consumption
  • Very low power consumption
  • Very low maintenance
  • Zero viruses

The report noted that Jembi have experiencing no loss of equipment with almost 100% uptime! Once a pilot project, the SIS-CS has become the standard IT workstation.




A USB powered fan is used to ventilate the PC inside the enclosure. The air is aspirated on the top side and pushed out through the bottom ventilation grid. The fan stops when the PC is powered off.




The enclosure supports most PC monitors and size (up to 24”) provided the monitor is VESA mountable (preferably 100mm). The SIS-CS 3 have been reinforced in both chassis and base for the rigidity normally required to operate a touch screen monitor. (The station pictured here on the right has been fitted with a 19” LG touch screen monitor).

The monitor mounting uses a patented technology (Virtual Axis™) that allows smooth, easy tilting motion by balancing the weight of the screen on itself. The simple but robust design enables multiple monitors to be mounted. These brackets are currently in the development phase.



The SIS CS The SIS-CS 3 has a multi format flash memory card reader exposed to the operator. The keyboard, mouse and even the power cable are all connected inside the enclosure. When closed these peripherals cannot be disconnected. The monitor cables are clamp-in and neatly tucked away once the monitor mount is in place.




There is an option to thread a fastener (appropriately sized) through the surface of a desk and secured within the enclosure. The front and base of the enclosure is reinforced with a stiffener plate (2.5mm).


Computer manufactures generally seal the PC allowing only authorized brand technicians to access to the internal component. To avoid being in conflict with the product warranty the SIS Compact Station power button was designed to be non-intrusive. The PC is switched on mechanically with an external push button and internal cable system.


The replacement of monitor and/or PC have been made very simple tasks. When the enclosure is opened the PC can be unhooked off its VESA mount and unplugged in seconds. The monitor mounting is accessed by removing the PC VESA mount bracket. The PC is positioned to allow access to all its ports making general maintenance unrestricted.



(Without monitor)
Base assembly attached: 500mm (width) x 350mm(height) x 220mm (depth)
Main enclosure only: 400mm (width) x 300mm(height) x 120mm (depth)

Warranty: 2 years.


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