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The SIS Compact Station project began in Mozambique in 2011. Jembi Health Systems and MOSIS (both nonprofit organizations) together with the Mozambican Ministry of Health and supported by the Center of Disease Control of Atlanta and the WHO formulated a set of criteria for a computer work station. After years of testing with commercial products Jembi decided to produce locally in SA a new concept that include hardware (build by Applied Logic), special embedded Software and data transmission system called SIS-COMPACT STATION SOLUTION  (see here). This solution presented in many international forums and WHO conferences (see document), was tested and piloted in the field by Jembi and the MoH of Mozambique and now is deployed national wide for DHIS2 and other supply chain, patient based and vital statistic systems. The existing available products are extremely expensive (more than $5 000) and mostly for commercial use (shops and banks). The SIS-CS cost much less than any other commercial solution depending on the configuration. The criteria that conduct to the actual 4th generation model are:

      Need of a local product that can be changed rapidly according with the need of the specific HIS system.

      The machine is complete embedded with no access to any internal element including DVD, USB-Video/audio ports, keyboard, mouse, printer and power cable.

      Screen is secured, can be touch screen and is anti-thief.

      Only the authorized staff can open the box and perform maintenance.

      The machine can be fixed on the desk

      The data can only be transfer via Memory Card or 3G/local network embedded system with a special encoded software that avoid possible virus infection

      The special embedded software is only giving access to the MoH applications avoiding the use of non-allowed software (music, games etc.) and not necessary/allowed internet navigation and downloads operations

      The software include a remote help desk and connection for remote assistance and software update that avoid the MoH team to go physically in the site for support and updates.

      The machine can work in a complete isolated environment connected with a 3G card to a central server and send data in automatic way independently form the operator or the local internet condition and network.

      The machine can easy be adapted to different mini PC or Mini server hardware.

      If any problem with the mini PC it is easy to remove from the box the mini PC only and send for repair (less than 700 gr and 20x20 cm box)

      Considerable save in time and money of the MoH in the medium and long term.

The SIS Compact Station has now been adopted as a standard solution by the Mozambican Ministry of Health and other governmental sectors (Vital Statistic etc.).






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